• No Need for Mars Under Construction

No Need for Mars Under Construction

Under Construction That's right--No Need for Mars is under construction and going through a massive re-haul! I bought a new mirrorless camera and am learning some neat tricks to bring you high quality and share-able images. These improvements will affect both past and future posts! I have gone through a long and strenuous journey in regard to website design and maintenance. Transitioning to a self-hosted server expands this blog's potential for growth and wonderful new changes. It also brought a lot [...]

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  • Where to Donate

Where to Donate Personal Items (Besides Goodwill)

The New Year has started--and if you are anything like me--you have begun your annual paring down of possessions. (Some people reserve this for the Spring.) This year’s pare-down has been a hefty one--I’ve embraced the idea of minimalism and only want to surround myself with objects and clothing that truly spark joy. As a result, I've been figuring out where to donate those items that may spark joy to someone else!   Goodwill's Ups and Downs Goodwill has always [...]

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  • Green Resolutions No Need for Mars

Green Resolutions: Roadmap for 2016

The year 2016 is upon us! Although my motivation may waver during times of chaos, I am on an never ending journey to improve my health and wellness, as well as my impact on the environment. Read on to for my personal roadmap for 2016--I’m sure you can incorporate my New Year blogging and green resolutions into your life as well. (Skip ahead to what interests you--I have a lot to catch you up on!)   Where Have I Been? I know, [...]

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  • The Perfect Plastic Free Bottle

The Perfect Plastic-Free Water Bottle

Hello all, Hydration is key, and I used to not do it nearly enough. Suddenly, however, my work-time dizzy spells and chapped lips subsided once I began bringing a reusable water bottle to work! My perfect plastic-free water bottle is Klean Kanteen’s 27oz Reflect bottle with bamboo cap. It’s beautiful, zero waste, and--most importantly--lacks plastic of any kind with its stainless steel body. If you want to learn more about why I am avoiding plastic entirely, check out my blog [...]

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  • Zero Waste Bloggers Comprehensive List

Zero Waste Bloggers Comprehensive List

I so appreciate you taking the time to read about my adventures toward a zero waste lifestyle–but it doesn’t stop with me!  Most of these zero waste bloggers listed below (including myself) are proud members of the Zero Waste Bloggers Network. Review some of these amazing blogs below–you’re bound to find someone who aligns with your lifestyle. Also, many of them have Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and more and so look out for that as well! All of these bloggers are amazing [...]

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Keurig: Killing with Convenience

Hello all, The world is fraught with human error, and when I envision John Sylvan--creator of the Keurig K-Cup--I liken him to Doctor Frankenstein of Mary Shelley’s famous gothic novel. Regardless of both Sylvan and Frankenstein’s original intentions for creating their respective inventions (both monsters), it appears that the two men are helpless to the consequences of their inventive minds. Whereas Frankenstein’s monster wrecked havoc in his sleepy village, the K-Cup is brewing a severe and long lasting negative impact [...]

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